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Full Cycle Manager for Renewable Energy Projects
We have several lines of activity in which we develop Utility Scale
Utility Scale, wind, storage and biomethane, industrial PPAs and asset management projects.
Full Cycle Manager for Renewable Energy Projects
Investor, asset manager and developer in Utility Scale projects, industrial PPAs, biomethane and storage.
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Who we are

Greening Investments is an international company belonging to the energy group Greening Group, which has more than ten years of experience in the sector. Our company specializes in the promotion, financing, management and operation of renewable energy production facilities.

We have four lines of activity in which we develop Utility Scale, PPA, biomethane and storage projects. At Greening Investments we offer a comprehensive service, from design to execution, and we do so in a transversal manner, offering our services in different countries in North America and Europe. To do so, we focus on the satisfaction of our clients as we provide solutions for photovoltaic projects in different countries, which allows us to differentiate ourselves and generate greater value by being vertically integrated in the value chain.

We are present in 7 countries on 3 continents

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Lines of Business

Utility Scale

Division dedicated to the processing, planning, execution, start-up and sale of photovoltaic plants of great energy development, executing the entire process from the management of files to the subsequent maintenance of the plant.

Industrial PPAs

Greening Investments develops power purchase and sale models through PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement). These are long-term agreements for the purchase and sale of clean energy from a specific asset and at a fixed price between a renewable developer and a consumer.


Storage systems are indispensable for the future of renewable energy. At Greening Investments we have a department for innovation in storage systems for electricity generated from renewable sources.


We develop biomethane production projects, mainly through anaerobic management of waste from agro-industrial and livestock farms, with the aim of injecting this gas into the gas network and selling it to a final consumer through long-term contracts.


Greening Investments is at the forefront of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies. Research and knowledge of advances in clean energy generation are our flagship, which allows us to promote projects guaranteeing the best results.

Featured projects

Photovoltaic Park

Isolated area supply system

Photovoltaic Park

PPA model for industrial self-consumption


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